Duniya Ke Dar Se | Ajay Sahaab | Pratibha Singh Baghel & Prachi Desai | Lafz Bheege Hain | Sufiscore | Video | Sufiscore

Duniya Ke Dar Se | Ajay Sahaab | Pratibha Singh Baghel & Prachi Desai | Lafz Bheege Hain | Sufiscore

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Duniya ke dar se usne mujhe chhod to Diya is the second ghazal of the Lafz bheege hain series in which the poet Ajay Sahaab is narrating the sorry plight of the two star crossed lovers Sahir and Amrita when the pressure of society prevails and the voice of hearts is muzzled ,leading to a decision to part ways and getting shattered in this process.
Dard e hijr ..pain of separation
Visaal ..union,coming together
Sahaab ..nom de plume of the poet Ajay


Five new original ghazals inspired by the iconic 20th-century love story of writers Amrita Pritam and Sahir Ludhianvi.

Poetry: Ajay Sahaab
Compositions: Rajesh Singh
Vocals: Pratibha Singh Baghel
Producer/Arranger: Paras Nath

Accompanying video series starring the celebrated Prachi Desai and Som Chattopadhyay
(Director/Cinematographer: Parasher Baruah)

About the "Lafz Bheege Hain" Album of ghazals
The poet of these intensely emotional ghazals ,Ajay Sahaab is paying a humble poetic tribute to his most beloved writer duo ,Sahir Ludhianvi and Amrita Pritam in these ghazals .The excruciating pain of an unrequited love and it's subsequent ordeal ,has been vividly painted in these Ghazals .Sahir and Amrita both loved each other immensely but while Amrita was quite vocal about her obsession with Sahir, Sahir was quite reticent and tight lipped about his feelings. whatever he wanted to say ,he would say indicatively through his nazms and songs .it is said that Amrita was so engrossed and obsessed with Sahir's persona that the noted journalist Khushwant Singh once remarked " "Amrita can write her entire autobiography on a stamp ticket as it is only about one word Sahir " and Amrita actually named her Autobiography "Raseedi Ticket " In the first ghazal "Lafz bheege hain" , Ajay Sahaab narrates this particular incident beautifully
"Sirf tu hai ,teri hi baaten hain
Aur kya hai meri kahaani me ?

( There is only you and you in my story ,what else is there in my story ?).it is also said that Sahir would go to meet Amrita ,sit with her for hours without uttering a word,go on smoking and leave the half smoked cigarette pieces at her place ,which she would collect and smoke later to have a feel of Sahir ..such a divine attachment of these two literary legends finds a reference in one sher of the ghazal Lafz bheege hain as " kuchh na kah ke bhi kah diya sab kuchh,kitni baaten hain bezubaani me ( I uttered nothing yet said everything,this silence has a myriad words)

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Song Credits:
Starring - Prachi Desai & Som Chattopadhyay

Mixed & Mastered - Darren Heelis
Programming & Acoustic Guitars - Sanjay Jaipurwale
Flute - Paras Nath
Sarangi - Momin Khan
Sarod - Abhishek Borkar
String Parts Created & Conducted - Paras Nath
Violin and Viola - Jitendra Hansraj Javda, Dharmendra Javda
Recording studio - Paras Nath Music Room & SoundStuck Dubai
Sound Engineer - Elvis Garagic
Studio Assistant - Shubham Sharma

Director/Cinematographer - Parasher Baruah
Associate Director - Ritik Singh
Associate Cinematographer - Suresh Yadav
Chief Assistant Cinematographer - Parashmoni Bora
Camera Apprentice - Chiranjib Baruah
Aerial Cinematography - Ritik Singh
Production Designer - Harsha Damodharan
Costume Stylist - Surina Kakkar
Costume Assistants - Harmeet Matta, Ankita Mane
Dressman - Raju
Make-up Artist - Arizah Naqvi, Suman Singh
Hair Stylist - Kavita Gou, Rami

Still Photography & BTS - Azharudeen KS
BTS Team - Praveen Kumar, Alphonse Jerry, Senthil Kumar
Lights and Equipment - Tina Films (Chennai & Mumbai)
Gaffer - Kurshid Alam
Light Crew - Rajesh Singh, Kannan, Sunil koli, Siddharth Ganguli, Suman,Maleraj Anna, Nagadirai
Line Production (Pondicherry) - Pondi Ravi Production
Line production Team - Pondi Ravi, Kumar, Karthe, Kereja, Kishore, Thanapal
Production Assistant - Ranjit Yadav
Equipment by - Kamal photography LLC Mr. Kamal
Associate Cinematographers - Jitendra Kumar, Walid, Deepu, Kamal
Jimmy Jib - Masdar Husain
Attendant - Rauf, Rajiv
Lights - Muna, Dharmesh

Post Production Head - Vikash Rai
Editors - Vikash Rai, Anish Nayak, Ranjabati Sarkar
Documentary Editor - Savni Ranade
Associate Editors - Mihir Potnis, Partha Protim Baruah
Social Media Content Editor - Nazareth Fernandes
Sound Post Production - Yogi Dholakia
Colorist - Badrul Hassan
Asst. Di colorist - Dalvir Singh, Noshad Sen

Post House - Mavericks Post Studios Ltd

Executive Producer - Mayuri Rajkonwar
Producer - Parasher Baruah

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