Lafz Bheege Hain(New Music Album) Teaser | Pratibha Singh Baghel & Prachi Desai | Sufiscore | Video | Sufiscore

Lafz Bheege Hain(New Music Album) Teaser | Pratibha Singh Baghel & Prachi Desai | Sufiscore

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Five new original pieces using the ghazal form, inspired by the iconic
20th-century love story of writers Amrita Pritam and Sahir Ludhianvi

Poetry: Ajay Sahaab
Compositions: Rajesh Singh
Vocals: Pratibha Singh Baghel
Producer/Arranger: Paras Nath

Accompanying video series starring the celebrated Prachi Desai and Som Chattopadhyay
(Director/Cinematographer: Parasher Baruah)

Available August 31st, 2023 from groundbreaking UK-based imprint Sufiscore
(“shining a light on South Asian music”)

“There is a saying in India that if you want to express love, you resort to Urdu,” declares poet Ajay Sahaab, author of the emotive lyrics beautifully sung by Pratibha Singh Baghel on LAFZ BHEEGE HAIN (“words drenched in tears”). This remarkable new release from Sufiscore consists of five songs, modern in sound and conception, yet following the traditional form of the ghazal: a poem with rhyming couplets in prescribed patterns, usually sung in Urdu, the “love language” par excellence of the subcontinent.

Sahaab drew on his lifelong passion for Urdu to evoke a familiar “tear-drenched” story that has almost acquired the status of a legend or folk tale. It’s a story of unrequited love involving two eminent writers from India’s social justice-oriented Progressive Writer’s Movement, Amrita Pritam (1919-2005) and Sahir Ludhianvi (1921-1980). Pritam, a novelist, essayist and poet, discusses her unrequited love for Ludhianvi, the poet and film lyricist, in her 1977 autobiography Rasidi Ticket (a.k.a. The Revenue Stamp). The story has been depicted in literature and film — and in that spirit, director Parasher Baruah has created a sequence of videos to accompany all of the ghazals of LAFZ BHEEGE HAIN, featuring famed actors Prachi Desai and Som Chattopadhyay in the leading roles.

The emotions summoned by this love story, says Pratibha Singh Baghel, “are held in common throughout the world. Those feelings of love and separation and sadness are the same everywhere. The poetry and compositions of LAFZ BHEEGE HAIN are for everybody who can relate to this.” Desai strikes a similarly universal chord: “I don’t know where we all find our strength, but after some of the biggest losses we ever have, we somehow make it through.

Sufiscore is not just a traditional label but a YouTube channel amassing millions of views of songs from the Asian and South Asian markets. By celebrating new creative processes with leading musicians adapting to adversity as they continue to explore global fusion, Sufiscore is opening doors to international collaborations wherever musicians are in the world. Through live-syncing, remote recording and other practices, Sufiscore seeks to usher in new ways of making and consuming music online. Recent Sufiscore productions include Pratibha Singh Baghel’s Bole Naina and Inheritance; Unbounded – Abaad by sitar virtuoso Purbayan Chatterjee (joined by Baghel as well as Béla Fleck, Gary Husband, Jordan Rudess, Zakir Hussain, Antonio Sanchez and more); and the forthcoming album Aarambh by vocalist Abby V and producer Ricky Kej.

Song Credits:

Starring - Prachi Desai & Som Chattopadhyay

Director & Cinematographer - Parasher Baruah
Associate Director - Ritik Singh
Associate Cinematographer - Suresh Yadav
Chief Assistant Cinematographer - Parashmoni Bora
Camera Apprentice - Chiranjib Baruah
Aerial Cinematography - Ritik Singh
Production Designer - Harsha Damodharan
Costume Stylist - Surina Kakkar
Costume Assistants - Harmeet Matta, Ankita Mane
Dressman - Raju
Make-up Artist - Arizah Naqvi, Suman Singh
Hair Stylist - Kavita Gour, Rami
Still Photography & BTS - Azharudeen KS
BTS Team - Praveen Kumar, Alphonse Jerry, Senthil Kumar
Lights and Equipment - Tina Films (Chennai & Mumbai)
Gaffer - Kurshid Alam
Light Crew -Rajesh Singh, Kannan, Sunil koli, Siddharth Ganguli, Suman,Maleraj Anna, Nagadirai
Line Production (Pondicherry) - Pondi Ravi Production
Line production Team - Pondi Ravi, Kumar, Karthe, Kereja, Kishore, Thanapal
Production Assistant - Ranjit Yadav

Post Production Head - Vikash Rai
Editors - Vikash Rai, Anish Nayak, Ranjabati Sarkar
Documentary Editor - Savni Ranade
Associate Editors - Mihir Potnis, Partha Protim Baruah
Social Media Content Editor - Nazareth Fernandes
Colorist - Badrul Hassan
Post House - Mavericks Post Studios Ltd

Executive Producer - Mayuri Rajkonwar
Producer - Parasher Baruah

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