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Lassi | Shafqat Amanat Ali | [New Song 4k Video 2020]

Yeh chhoti si zindagi hai kyun ghamon mein phansi;
Aao issey jee lein hum milkar, hansi khushi hansi khushi hansi...
- Vikram Chaudhri

In this delightfully 2020 fresh track, sung by the incredible Shafqat Amanat Ali, we experience a unique look at modern society through beautiful lyrics by Vikram Chaudhri. This New Hindi Punjabi Mix 4k Video song brings a relaxing energy that evokes memories of rural villages and fresh lassi, whilst conveying a crucial message. Shafqat Amanat Ali's voice is always a pleasure to listen to and we hope you love listening to this New Hindi and Punjabi song 4k Video! This Melodious new song can be understood by both Hindi and Urdu speakers.

Message from the lyricist: Vikram Chaudhri
Life is today in the grip of smartphones, computers, televisions. These gadgets determine what we think, feel & act. Do we smile & pose only for a photograph? Is our family a mere post online happy picture? Has our work been reduced to a mere online showcase? Is the world getting buried in conflicts arising out of misinformation? Are we in a race for material pursuits forgetting family & human values? Do we take pride in VIP culture or find solace in bountiful goodies that life has to offer? Let’s go back to real self; let’s revive healthy conversations; let’s not be dictated; let’s be creative; with bonhomie, faith & hope; let our work be pleasure; let everyday be funday for our children; let’s not pretend; let’s make world a better place!

Vocals: Shafqat Amanat Ali
Lyrics: Vikram Chaudhri
Music: Gaurav Vaswani
Produced by Sufiscore UK
Mastered at Abbey Road Studios, London

Copyright of this song is solely owned by Sufiscore. All rights to the video and song (audio) are owned by Sufiscore.

Lyrics Translation (Lassi New Hindi Song 2020) :
1. Let go of our ego; shun all conflicts, for it is as futile as to keep churnIng lassi (churned out yogurt);
2. O’ man, cease all cravings and avarice, heed to the sane advice of saints;
3. Skies (of success) are ever stretching out for those who keep their bow steady (focus) on their aim;
3. A new world order beckons us; to take a leap into future united with everlasting hope and faith.

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