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Blog Jan 8, 2023

JazzQuad review for our latest Orchestral album

Review by JazzQuad
JazzQuad review for our latest Orchestral album

“If you read our review of the Inheritance EP at the beginning of last year and you were interested in the combination of Indian thumri songs with the music of an academic European orchestra, then this release by the Sufiscore label is for you. Inheritance can be considered as a kind of small prologue to the much more monumental album Ghazals & Thumris From The Musical Heart of Budapest, especially since all the main characters of that project migrated to the new one.

The soul of both projects is Indian violinist, composer and producer Deepak Pandit. The main soloist is Pratibha Singh Bagel, a popular singer in the Indian cinema world. The main musical accompaniment was provided by the excellent Budapest Symphony Orchestra conducted by Kalman Shenai. By the way, in parallel with the recording of the audio album, the Hungarian director Imre Sabo-Stein also filmed the visual version of the project. Unlike Inheritance, along with Pratibha Singh Bagel, the lead singer on nine tracks, the young Indian star Kavia Limai, known for her participation in television shows and finalist of The Voice India Kids, sings on two tracks here. In addition, a whole group of Indian musicians took part in the recording, playing both traditional and classical European instruments.

The album’s program also expanded from Inheritance. Here are works of different genres. Ghazal is a characteristic form of Eastern versification. Such poetry can sound without accompaniment, or it can turn into lyrical songs about love, fidelity, loneliness, when Deepak Pandit composes music to the verses of the classics of Urdu poetry and arranges it for performance by a mixed composition of Indian and European musicians. Thumris, romantic love songs based on classical ragas, are already familiar to those who have listened to Inheritance. The album also contains songs from Indian films and the spiritual hymn Krishna (sung by Kavye Limaye). In general – a bright and unusual bouquet of songs and music with a unique flavor. Recommended!”