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Kalpana Gandharv

Kalpana Gandharv


Kalpana Gandharv is an Indian singer known for her renditions of traditional music. Descending from a family of musicians, she became skilled in playing a variety of instruments and music from a young age. Her ability to uphold tradition while incorporating her own unique style is what draws people to her music and makes her a noteworthy star. She has sung in the soundtrack for ‘Tanu Weds Manu Returns’ and often performs covers in English.

Sufiscore stumbled across Kalpana during a live Instagram sessions with her brother, Prithvi Gandharv. Her captivating vocals and elite song choices immediately impressed us. Her innate talent compelled us to have consecutive live sessions with her for a whole week!

Kalpana’s sweetness and warmth is reflected in her performances which you can watch here!

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