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Sairam Iyer - Ek Mulaqaat | Podcast | Sufiscore

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Introducing "Ek Mulaqat" - an intimate podcast series by Sufiscore that offers a backstage pass into the hearts and minds of musicians and singers. Join us on a captivating journey as we bring you candid conversations with talented artists from the world of music. In each episode, we delve deep into their creative process, personal journeys, and the stories behind their mesmerizing melodies. From celebrated maestros to emerging talents, "Ek Mulaqat" unravels the untold tales of these musical virtuosos, giving you a glimpse into their inspirations, challenges, and the profound impact of music on their lives. Whether you're a devoted fan or a curious listener, this podcast series promises to ignite your passion for music and leave you with a deeper appreciation for the artists who touch our souls. Tune in to "Ek Mulaqat" and immerse yourself in the harmonious world of musical brilliance, where every episode is a heartfelt conversation that strikes a chord with the rhythm of your soul.

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