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Sulaiman Merchant

Sulaiman Merchant


A musician and producer, Sulaiman Merchant has produced albums that have reached iconic status (Chak De India!, Kurbaan) with his brother Salim. Salim-Sulaiman are an award winning duo who consistently produce songs with artists of varying background.

Recently, with the Merchant Records venture he has delivered a new age of genre-defying music. Sufiscore and Merchant Records partnered for the Bhoomi 2020 album, a long established vision of the Merchant brothers. This album showcased an ensemble of talent with the most electrifying and emotionally charged music.

Sulaiman and Salim Merchant both hail from a musical family. Since a young age they have been steeped in music. Sulaiman Merchant has a love for percussion instruments as well as a range of rare instruments (pictured) that represent the new era of percussion.

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