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Richa Sharma

Richa Sharma


Richa Sharma is an Indian singer known for her musical range that has made her a prominent figure in a number of diverse music scenes. She is especially recognized for her albums and features on Bollywood scores, standing out as a gifted playback singer and artist. 

A singer with the highest level of passion and energy, Richa Sharma is the ultimate live performer. Her live on Sufiscore is arguably the best to date and is just a small glimpse of her abilities. She approaches each song with love and an eagerness to deliver the best musical experience. It is this dedication and positivity that makes Richa Sharma one of the most respected singers in India.

Her original song, ‘Abhi Toh Main Jawan Hoon‘, is a mark of her creativity.

You can watch and listen to a special selection of her songs below!

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