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Blog Jan 10, 2021

An interview with Paras Nath

A 2020 roundup with the master flautist
An interview with Paras Nath
— Paras Nath

At the end of 2020, Sufiscore got the chance to interview Paras Nath on his projects, working in lockdown and his new campaign – Vaikunthvenu.

Paras Nath is a disciple of Dada Guru Pt Shivnath ji and son of Guru and Father Pt Amarnath ji. Hailing from the Banaras Gharana, Pt Amar Nath ji developed a unique style of  soulful and Gayaki ang in “Krishna Banusri” Hindustani Classical Music. This style is known as Nath Gharana, and Pankaj Nath And Paras Nath are taking their gharana’s legacy Forward as Nath Bandhu.

Q: What a year it has been for you! What is your view on how 2020 went?

Paras: In January, life was great. There was a feeling that this year would be life changing and that something exciting was going to happen. I could feel this excitement in the atmosphere, as if the Universe was trying to send a message. Then suddenly in March we were faced with a complete lockdown.

For three months I really enjoyed time with my family. I conducted a lot of ‘riyaz’, With My Guru & Father Pt.Amar Nath ji and Guru Bhai Pankaj Nath Nad learnt many new ragas and helped the family around the house. Whilst the outside environment was difficult, the time at home gave an opportunity to be with the family. It was a blessing from God for myself and my family. I also worked on a new formulation which I dedicate to my (Banaras Gharana)

However from the work point-of-view it was a challenge. There were many interesting projects that could no longer be undertaken. It was a tough time for the performance industry in general. That is when Sufiscore came in and connected many great artists online. Sufiscore made us busy and happy to be performing again, especially live. Of course I am missing the earlier work Style.

Q: What has been your most memorable project of the past year?

Paras: My most memorable project has to be developing the new foundation as VaikunthVenu I dedicated That to all my gurus And banaras  gharana With the blessings of God and of artists across the musical fraternity, I was able to successfully represent the Banares Gharana through Vaikunthvenu.

The overwhelming support of Legend artists of India such as Pt.Hari Prasad Chaurasiya ji, Anup Jalota ji, Pankaj Udhas ji, Salim-Sulaiman, Vishal-Shekhar and Shreya Ghoshal is something I will never forget. I appreciate their blessings a lot.

This project is a reflection of what I am and is all because of my grandparents and parents. Other memorable projects have to be the interesting collaborations I have had the chance to do. With amazing artists of the country like Santosh (Mulekar) ji (Music Composer ,Producer  and Piano Player)

I have shot the video in Dubai which was a special moment. Throughout these projects I have felt like I am working for the music and the soul of the music. Especially with Sufiscore it has been like working with family.

Q: How it was working and collaborating in lockdown?

Paras: March was difficult as everything was virtual. Everything was on screen and it all felt inhuman. I was blessed to be with my family.

Lockdown was an opportunity to focus on myself which was needed. I also shared the experience of music with many people. Through music I have attempted to calm people’s souls and hearts. I felt this was needed in the stressful time from March onwards. However since December I have had more studio time and working in ‘lockdown’ has been easier.

Q: Can you tell us more about Vaikunthvenu? What inspired this project?

Paras: Vaikunthvenu is inspired by the treasure of my gurus which are fortunately born in my own family. This treasure is the music and I can’t imagine myself without music.  The instrument and the music is part of me. I wanted to do Vaikunthvenu non-virtually. I wanted to do it in the auditorium, with all the legends present.

However I thought due to pandemic, there is no knowing what will happen tomorrow. Instead of waiting for things to get better, I might as well launch the channel however I can. I thought – don’t wait, just do it online.

The word Vaikunthvenu is made of two words: Vaikunth = the place where Lord Krishna resides and Venu = another name for a Bansuri. This name came from how I feel whenever I do riyaz. I feel like I am in Vaikunth. In life there is no stopping. There is too much urgency and desire to do more. But if something, like in my case the music, stops you, you feel like you are with Lord Krishna. When I play I also feel like my gurus are all also there in Vaikunth with me.

This channel could not have been launched without the blessings of the artists that have supported me. I will be starting something very unique with this channel, I just need to execute it. The channel will give knowledge of everything to do with classical music, including histories of gharanas.

Q: Your covers of Desert Rose and Despacito went viral this year, can we expect any more Indian inspired covers?

Paras: Of course! I can’t thank Sufiscore more for making me part of this and for believing in Santosh ji and I. I am grateful to Sufiscore for putting both artists together and have enjoyed the journey of creating both songs. Both compositions are my personal favourites and I loved developing their own styles.

Shooting in the desert in Dubai was an amazing experience. When you put your soul and effort into the music and it reaches the audience with such feedback, you feel complete. Every day someone congratulates me and Santosh ji for both projects.

In 2021 I am going to continue to create something more iconic and unique. I want to be even more  experimental. I am quite inspired by being experimental, as with my recent projects, Wahdaniyat (oneness) and Nine divine (a song dedicated to Maa Durga)